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11 NFL Players With Insane Vertical Jumps

Think you’ve got hops? These 11 NFL players will make you think twice.

Jumping. It’s a simple action, yet one which can reveal a lot about an athlete’s power and explosiveness. There’s not a person on earth who doesn’t wish they could jump higher. But for the following NFL players, their reality is the average joe’s dream. These are the 11 most impressive vertical jumps in the NFL today.

*Note: This list features only active NFL players and all data comes from nflcombineresults.com. While ranking highest vertical jumps may seem fairly straight forward, the “impressiveness” of the jump also depends upon the player’s size (a 260-pound man jumping 40 inches is much more impressive than a 200-pound man jumping that same height, for example).

Photo Credit: Keith Allison on Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, Getty Images, Joe Robbins/Getty Images, Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

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