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HuffPost Appoints Aman Sethi As India Editor-In-Chief

New Delhi, February 19, 2018: HuffPost today announced the appointment of Aman Sethi as Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost India. Aman will be responsible for all editorial output on Huffpost India and oversee the India team of editors and contributors. Aman was previously an Associate Editor with Hindustan Times, prior to which he worked ...

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NBC Insists On Saying ‘Pyeongchang’ Incorrectly Because ‘It’s Cleaner’

NBC doesn’t seem to be budging from its mispronunciation of “Pyeongchang.” Though several guides, including one from the Asian American Journalists Association, have been released, confirming that the Olympic host city is pronounced “Pyeong-ch-ah-ng” rather than “Pyeong-ch-ay-ng,” NBC is sticking to the incorrect method. The outlet reportedly discussed the pronunciation internally, ...

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