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NFL’s new helmet rule won’t affect Tony Jefferson’s style of play

Speaking on CBS Sports’ “The Jim Rome Show,” Baltimore Ravens safety Tony Jefferson gave his take on the NFL’s new helmet rule they enacted this offseason. Jefferson indicated the rule change won’t affect how he plays the game.

“I’m not changing the way I’m playing or how I’ve been playing,” Jefferson said. “I’m going to do what I have to do. I’m not going to be out there concerned about how to hit anybody. I’ve been playing football for a long time. I’ve never had the intent on hurting anybody.”

The rule change — which calls for a 15-yard penalty and a possible ejection whenever a player lowers his head to make contact — has been very polarizing. While the league rolled out the rule in the name of player safety, several players have come out against the changes, saying that the league has gone too far in reshaping the game. “It’s ridiculous,” said San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman to USA Today. “Like telling a driver if you touch the lane lines, you’re getting a ticket.”

For his part, Jefferson expressed similar views. “I just think it’s going to impose a bunch more problems that the league does not need,” said Jefferson of the rule.

The NFL is no stranger to rule controversies and making things worse in an effort to make things clearer or better. Many remember the years when a catch was not always a “catch.” Rule changes were enacted to help remedy the problem only to make it worse. The league enacted yet another change on the rule this offseason with the help of players to make it clearer and consistent.

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