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‘This Is U.S.’ Is All Tears With Ben, Jared And Sarah In ‘SNL’ Parody

Saturday Night Live” couldn’t wait to do a “This Is Us” parody with guest host Sterling K. Brown, who plays grown triplet brother Randall Pearson on the hit NBC series.

“SNL’s” version is a sad, twisted mix of siblings in a series called “This Is U.S.” It’s the “real-life drama happening in our government every day,” says the spoof ad for the program. It’s like the other series “without the good parts.”

Brown plays Ben Carson, wailing, “All of it is wrong.” The sister of the trio is a mortified Sarah Huckabee Sanders (played by Aidy Bryant) who denies a story about porn-star sex as she stares at Post-it notes on her lectern reading: “Stop lying,” and: “Seriously, what are you doing?”

The other brother is played by Pete Davidson, drinking from a bottle of booze, on the phone, saying: “United Arab Emirates? Hey, this is Jared Kushner. Is there any way I could borrow like $800 million dollars?”

“You’ll be laughing through tears, except without the laughing … so just regular crying.”

It’s real. It’s painful.

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