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Warriors have Tony Robbins speak to team on Tuesday

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OAKLAND — The Warriors officially had the day off, inevitably leading to commentary about Stephen Curry’s 30th birthday bash and the team’s sentiments on if chasing the No. 1 seed is even worth pursuing.

Unofficially, though, the Warriors had a busy work day. They had an “optional” day for players to complete individual workouts as well as receive treatment. The Warriors also listened to guest speaker Tony Robbins, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach.

“The team has been plagued with injuries in the last few weeks including some of their best players Steph Curry, Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green. Given this challenge, they need to maximize what they have,” Robbins wrote on his Instagram account. “Greatness is demanded by the playoffs. Demanded by the level of competition that is about to begin. It all comes down to constantly raising your standards, knowing that there is always another level. It’s the little things that make the greatest difference.”

Robbins wrote that Warriors coach Steve Kerr invited him to speak, an initiative Kerr has done throughout the season for two reasons. Kerr has remained mindful of the Warriors battling complacency with the monotony of an 82-game season after three consecutive Finals appearances. Kerr also wants to invite people that are successful in other fields so their messages broaden the teams’ perspective. Tennis star Roger Federer spoke with the Warriors in China before a preseason game against Minnesota in Shanghai. Author Malcolm Gladwell met with the Warriors’ coaching staff as well as Curry following the team’s win in Atlanta on March 2.

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“The core of this team is so phenomenal,” Robbins wrote on his Instagram post. “Victories will come and victories will go, but as men they come together to form a team that is truly dedicated not only to victory, but to each other and that’s where championship rings come from.”

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